Case Why it’s important to outsource right now

Why it’s important to outsource right now

Six months into this pandemic and we're often warned to make bold decisions to withstand disruptions or to evaluate or even reset our business strategies in order to survive or recover from the COVID-19 crisis. For some entrepreneurs, all that mattered the past months was keeping people safe, for others, it was a matter of survival, while others wanted to thrive and ensured that they would come out of it better, stronger and with more self-confidence.

Whatever your choice is today, we are now in the middle of the summer and we are still not at the end of the COVID-19 crisis. But it is not too soon to build the strategies that will prosper and lay the foundation for growth. 

As we all move into a new future - let's simply call it the ''post-COVID world'' - we need to find a balance between what used to work and what needs to happen now, so that we will succeed in that new world.  

What we thought would only take a few weeks becomes much longer. A researcher at the University College London published a study that found it takes an average of 66 days - more than 2 months to form a habit. More than six months into the pandemic, the habits we built around the quarantine may not be easy to break. They’re etched in our minds.

Let's no longer assume that the old habits will return. The quicker we can adapt to a new way of thinking, the quicker we make progress, and the greater the advantage. Be in the best position to sprint forward, while others that wait may struggle to survive another round.

With an outsourcing strategy, you will benefit immediately: 

  1. Work remotely and effective

    However, remote working is more than giving people a laptop.

    Outsource to a team that is used to work remotely and is having all the tools needed, so you don’t have to worry about managing a team. If you have no experience with doing this, this can be overwhelming.  It’s different than managing a team inhouse and it's asking a different sort of attention and follow up. You don't want to become a micromanager.

  2. Keep focus

    Remember why you started your business?

    Being creative and spending time with clients was probably one of the reasons. Are you still having enough time to focus on the things that really matter? Pick the main strength of your business — creative design— and outsource the rest.

  3. Reduce the risk

    Businesses that were already outsourcing their activities before the pandemic are now more flexible to move faster because they now have all the resources available to them. These teams also come with the skills and experience to communicate in a virtual way and have cloud-based platforms that allow you to keep moving no matter where you are.

  4. Have a plan

    Prepared businesses were ready to switch as soon as the "stay at home" orders required everyone to work virtually or they even already had a "work from home policy" that made the transition even smoother. 


Are you ready in case there's a second lockdown in your country? We all hope we don't come back to the same place we were this spring, but there are different ways to handle the situation now to make sure you can move on.

In case you need help, we can set up your virtual design team today, a team of experienced designers and architects so that you can focus on being creative and on your growth and your clients with a peace of mind.

Do not wait to start working on your new strategy for and expand now. 

Get in contact now for a rock-solid action plan, to meet available resources and to discuss how we work for other architects. 
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Read the success stories of architects who have taken the step to outsource their design and architecture projects and who are now more productive than ever, and with peace of mind.


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