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este is the world's most personal outsourcing and HR agency, dedicated to architectural firms that want to save on project budgets and time and want to delegate their staffing challenges to experts.

We set up and manage remote design teams in Dubai and through our processes, we take over the day-to-day talent management of architectural firms while they remain in control of their design projects. In this way, we become one team with our architect - clients.  Especially because of COVID-19 we received a huge demand, which made us experts in managing remote teams. We specialize in the recruitment of technical and creative designers, architects and engineers.

We are on a mission to change the way architects think and feel about outsourcing. This is only possible if we create a culture of trust, transparency, and constant communication.

Our key values are trust, commitment, dominating, goal-driven and with winning attitude, seeing the Big picture, communication. 


As a sales agent, you have the professional objective to increase our market share internationally and the personal objective to earn at least $10000 per month.

Job summary

Following are the main responsibilities of your role:

  • Call architectural firms in the GCC region (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman) who need improving their design team and offer them a remote team in Dubai;
  • You will be assigned to your own region;
  • Sell outsourcing and HR services to architectural firms so your team in Dubai can provide your clients with a remote designer team of highly qualified technical designers and engineers for the design of their structural and architectural project;
  • Perform massive outbound & inbound calls to your dedicated region in the GCC region;
  • Manage different regions portfolio and ensure great follow-up - we have and follow a strict 365-follow-up schedule;
  • Coordinate with the operations once closing the client deal and maintain high relationship & high-quality service within and after work completion;
  • Be impressive, committed, goal-driven, and trustworthy.

Qualifications and Skills

We are motivating our people by providing a structured & high range of commissions:

  • Your average commission over the year is 12% (from 18% to 6% per month, recurring);
  • An average contract for a client is $ 5000 per month;
  • We offer contracts up to $7000 with no monthly limit of sold contracts;
  • Furthermore, if you have up to 16 clients, and thus make 140K per year means that you have approx. $108000* earnings per year.

Job profile

We are looking for experienced outbound & inbound sales profiles, who are obsessed by their personal, professional and financial goals, who are effective and results-driven, if you are one of them then, this job is for you!

  • Sales experience for at least 3 years in B2B, with selling services;
  • Sales experience in construction & architectural services would be a plus;
  • Trustworthy;
  • Committed to reaching your goals, both personal as professional;
  • Committed to learning daily;
  • Able to learn quickly and massively;
  • Able to work on different time zone;
  • Caller & hunter - no mailer & farmer!
  • Based in Dubai, You call from the office because we believe this will be your fastest way to success because you are close to the source to learn all there is to know about our organization;
  • Sales passionate.
  • You think BIG, and you see the BIG picture - you have the desire to dominate the market together with a strong team
  • Native Arab speaking
  • Perfect English speaking
  • French-speaking is an added value


Job Benefits

By joining us, you’ll benefit from the necessary rocket fuel, by following massive & effective Sales training programme at the giant Grant Cardone University that will make you an expert in cold calling, follow-up and closing deals.


Start now by sharing your resume along with a video message of Max. 60 seconds, where you introduce yourself and your experience at 

Please bear with us, if you are the one you’ll hear from us soon!

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