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Evelyn Stremersch

Evelyn Stremersch, founder and CEO of este, believes businesses and their owners need better talent and a flexible solution to make a difference these days - a flexible solution tailored to personal needs, which is necessary to build trust.

During a decade of experience in HR and recruitment, she witnessed how entrepreneurs put all their time and effort into competing with each other and fighting for the same very best talent while the War for Talent only got worse.

In 2016, Evelyn Stremersch decided that leading organisations needed help.

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With our headquarters in the heart of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai and another hub in Belgium, Antwerp, we bring together the best of both worlds in the field of outsourcing and recruitment. The choice of a location in Dubai is obvious, given the vast potential of highly motivated and experienced professionals that this region has to offer.

Recently, even Clutch - a customer marketing platform for B2C brands - described Dubai as a new destination for outsourcing. It’s easy to keep abreast of new developments and technologies that enable us to offer the best results, as we are based in Dubai.

With over 10 years of HR and recruitment experience and many years of experience in the Middle East, we know better than anyone the local market legislation, which is essential in our business.

Lionel Messi

We focus on a constant communication. Only with transparent and open communication can we build a reliable relationship. Thanks to the diversity of our team, coming from all over the world, we have many different cultural differences. Therefore, we spend a lot of time training our people to communicate more effectively, because this is what makes us special.

Communication should be as simple as in football. Football has a very simple goal: put the ball into the end zone more than the other team (competition).

“Everyone on the field knows this basic goal (communication). So when things go well, we know the goal: put the ball over the line. When things blow up, we all still know the goal: put the ball over the line.”
Dave Ramsey, from The EntreLeadership

“A football team can only succeed by working together, and the same is true of humanity. When people from different nations, cultures and backgrounds come together we can better address global challenges and create a brighter future for generations to come.” said Messi...

This Barcelona superstar is the star of a new promotional video for Expo 2020 Dubai.

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We bring you experienced professionals and a flexible outsourcing solution for your technical design and software development.

Pitch your idea. We give you the solution.

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