Shape the world of tomorrow A strategic partnership for architects to have a remote design team in Dubai managed by experts.

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Stay in control Choosing to outsource to us means immediate access to the more advanced talent needed to win your next ambitious project and keep control of your team

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How we work

We designed an outsourcing model that works for architects and construction companies by specializing in setting up and managing remote design teams. We do this for architectural firms in the US, Europe and the GCC. We recruit from our headquarters in Dubai to provide our architectural clients with their personally assigned draftsman, engineer or architect to expand their team. 

Working with us means having your own team and office space in Dubai to expand your international brand awareness.

Learn more about how we use our values to keep everyone engaged, to raise our standards so that we can grow together and make change, both in business and in life. - Read more about our values, and purpose.

We are specialized in 2D and 3D projects in Autocad, Revit, also for BIM projects, Vectorworks and SketchUp Tekla, Strakon, ArchiCAD, Rhino 3D, Inventor, ... You choose with whom you will work. For your presentations and investment projects, we make photorealistic images. 

The best way to find out what we have to offer is to read the success stories of other architects and entrepreneurs and how they grow through our solutions. 

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